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Election Day Aspiration

As I write this Floridians are voting for their next governor and senator.  We've been blitzed by robocalls from the candidates campaigns; seen the tv ads as derogatory as they are of everyone who's running for office.  My question is why would anyone run for public office if they're going to get their family and themselves publicly trashed.  How can we have a civilized society when, in order to serve in any governing position whatsoever, you have to submit to being degraded, humiliated, having your every word scrutinized for a 'deeper meaning' or a 'reading between the lines'.  I like to believe that people get the government they ask for; so what's going on in Washington D.C., as far as I'm concerned, is as much the fault of 'We the People' as it is of the Congress and President.  We want to cut back on spending but only as long as someone else has to suffer for it, which ends up being mainly the defenseless: the disabled, children, etc.  We used to aspire to being better than that but now we lower ourselves to our basest instincts which is self-preservation in which everyone who we consider 'weak' is thrown 'under the bus'.    Our first priority for our politicians and ourselves is to have something to aspire to; that, I'm afraid is the hardest thing of all in a world where our politicians, in order to survive, have to always be on the attack and the middle class is in the process of being destroyed because of bad economic and political decisions at all levels of government, decisions that 'we the people' approved of when they were made without regard for the consequences.  It may by chance be those same people we deem as 'weak' that save us; it would, however be nice to have a civilized society again if that's possible.

So today I'll await with baited breath who's elected to the governor's mansion and the senate, disillusioned and saddened by the state to which this country, which I still believe is the greatest nation on Earth, has sunken but hopeful that, in those depths, we might yet find something to aspire to.  Or as I paraphrase  J.F.K. when he spoke on going to the Moon: "We do this not because it is easy but because it is hard".