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Welcome to E. J. Runyon's Author Blog

Welcome to E. J. Runyon's Author Blog (wordpressblog)

This is the first of many REDROOM blog posts to come. As the author of an upcoming short story collection, I'm here primarily to let you know about that publication.

WARNING REAL LIFE AHEAD.Step into these 17 worlds. Into lives as they are lived. These are the people you recognize on buses or in cafes. The people you might disregard because of how they live, or who they love.  At one time or another  a story can be told about any of us. Recognition may be discomforting, but  don’t fear it. Take a chance.  Don’t look away.CLaiming One Cover Art lost girl
Claiming One and other short stories

Due out from Inspired Quill Mid-January, 2012.

We'll have a YouTube Book Trailer up in a month or so. Please watch for it.

More Soon,

E.J. Runyon