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Lambda Literary Review
I pondered a good while about what to write in this piece concerning one of the greatest macho writers the country has ever known and his attitude about gay people. In the end I came up with this: Norman Mailer was not homophobic. For years people believed that Norman Mailer was somehow a sexual bigot. The people were wrong. He didn't waste his time, at least not...
The Huffington Post: Loss of J.D. Salinger Echoes Through Young Authors' Souls
I’m weighted down today with a sentiment of loss; loss of a friend who was close, and yet I never knew beyond his pages. Salinger has left the building and the literary world is all the more empty for it. What makes it doubly difficult is that I am in the process of launching my first book, Mornings with Mailer, and I had it in the back of my fanciful head...
Bookfind   There on the shelf Across the shop You rest waiting for my pull   I reach and you stay Hopeful, gray And shadowed with dust and years Rollicking with silence   Inside you’re perfect If not ignored And crisp are your pages Naked and unworn   One dollar you cost But heaven knows you’re more Than money or trade Can truthfully adore
With Norman. June, 2006
Brooklyn Eagle, Provincetown Arts Magazine, Provincetown Banner
Norman's house is empty now, so I stop by to check on it nearly every day. Some days, like this one, I settle into his rounded old wood chair to write, careful to not disturb anything on the desk.  I take a breath, absorbing the aroma of books and dust and hint of number two pencil that still lingers in this attic. Two days before Norman died last November, I...