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Accumulate Dollars Right Now: 10 Money Saving Tips

Accumulate Dollars Right Now: 10 Money Saving


by DuEwa Frazier

Saving money during these economic times is imperative. Whether you are a single mom, a college student or a busy executive, we can all use pointers on saving more than we spend. Here are ten simple ways to accumulate dollars right now:

Take your lunch to work. Preparing your own meals at home means saving $25-$30 per week. This includes making your own coffee too (for the latte lovers). An added benefit of making your own lunch is that you control the ingredients that go into your meal, which means less calories and less fat for you than eating out.

Resist the urge to use or carry your debit/credit card on a regular basis. Take out a set amount of cash that you will need to use for gas, food, incidentals, etc. per week. Beyond that bit of cash, do not spend. Pay your bills online and save your debit/credit card for emergencies. This method will help you keep more of your money in the bank.

Try movies and dinner at home instead of going out. Have a romantic dinner at home with your honey or invite friends over and ask them to each bring a dish.

Choose fashion on a budget. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, try sprucing up the wardrobe you have. You can replace plain buttons on coats and cardigans with eclectic and vintage buttons. Recently, television personality Wendy Williams, spoke on how she updates the look of her coats by replacing the old lining with a more appealing one (think color and patterns). New accessories can make your past season wardrobe come alive, by adding colorful scarves and headbands, wide belts, and colorful and textured tights. And if you must shop for a new wardrobe, try thrift stores, Kmart and Target for pieces with a lower price tag.

Attend a matinee showing of a movie or play. Join an arts group which may offer discount theater or movie tickets to its members.

Check online event listings and local newspapers for free and low cost events such as: museum exhibits, band concerts, book and poetry readings, panel discussions, and film showings. Small and independent arts organizations often host free events.

Save money during the holiday season. Recycle used gift bags (as long as they are not worn and torn) and add colorful tissue paper when giving gifts. This may be much cheaper than buying several rolls of gift wrap at $2-$5 a roll.

Discontinue magazine subscriptions. Read the articles online or at your local library or bookstore.

Use coupons and discount cards at your favorite bookstore when you’re ready to buy a book. Shop for books online. For books that are not newly published, try checking them out at your local bookstore.

We all love our gadgets, but in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, which are all free, do you really need texting on your phone? It’s an added charge per month, even if you pay for unlimited usage. Your friends can easily send you an email or tweet which you will receive just as fast on your Blackberry.

Now you can take all of the money you save and invest it, put it in a college fund for your child, or use it to help fund the fabulous vacation you have yet to take!