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My first post from Red Room -- hello out there!
Historian Will Adelhardt and journalist friend Lucy Hidalgo embark on a journey through the dark side of Portland, Oregon’s history, from the lumber barons to 60s protest.

I'm a new member on Red Room and hope to be blogging here often.

This is all a new experiment for me, an attempt to achieve greater focus on my career as a writer and on the writing process itself.  I have maintained a sporadic blog for several years now, entitled Memory & Dream, but it has been, not only sporadic, but all over the map.  My posts from Red Room will change that, I hope. I have promised myself to keep to a narrow list of subjects: writing, publishing, fiction on the web, indigenous peoples in literature, and comments about books I am currently working on.

I will cross-post on Memory & Dream,  but for now Red Room will be my home. My upcoming blog posts will be about the process of creating Bartlett House, a mystery novel co-written with my wife, Patricia J. McLean, recently published by The Habit of Rainy Nights Press.