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Withdrawing into Ego
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  • Artist: Dr. Sheri A Rosenthal
  • Length: 3:51 minutes (905.76 KB)
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Withdrawing into ourselves is one of the most dangerous strategies that the ego-mind can engage in. As spiritual warriors we work hard to be aware of the behavior patterns of our opponents – our biggest opponent or better said our only opponent is our own mind (until it becomes our assistant that is!).

The only way we can withdraw into ourselves is if we become blind to this particular strategy and allow ourselves to go down that path. That’s why it’s so important to identify this pattern correctly. Often when we’re about to engage in our old habit behaviors we start by telling ourselves something that justifies our next fear-based action. For example, we may tell ourselves that no one will understand what we are going through and if that statement if believed it will justify our withdrawing into ourselves and telling no one our problem. That can lead to any number of harmful actions.

It may compel us to drink, take drugs, gamble, eat too much, become depressed, and hurt ourselves and others in numerable ways. Once the downward spiral begins it takes a lot more energy to pull ourselves out than it would if we identified the strategy in the first place! The key to ending our bad behaviors is to stop believing everything our minds propose to us. If our mind says - my mother is so selfish - and starts creating a whole story about how we are right and she is wrong - this is the set-up. Once you buy the justification the habit behavior that follows continues on without obstruction.

It’s important to question everything you are thinking - as your logic is not always logical. If you practice seeing the “what is” and learning to see the truth rather than the nonsense your mind is constantly proposing to you – you will make many changes in your life. The more you withdraw into the inner world of your ego the faster you will create pain in your life. Getting outside of that movie that is constantly running in your head will give you a breath of fresh air which will come in the form of clarity and deeper understanding. Remember just because your mind proposes something to you – it does not mean it is the truth – nor does it mean it’s the real you speaking. I encourage you to recognize that if you are feeling a fear-based emotion around your situation consider that an alarm that can wake you up out of your trance and lead you to peace and freedom.