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Living Life at the Speed of Light
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  • Artist: Dr. Sheri Rosenthal
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Spirit is moving at the speed of light through every moment of our lives and is changing everything around us at the speed of light. Yet we insist that things stay the same and we resist change in our lives. We get scared and worried and try to hold onto things that no longer belong in our lives, like people, jobs and possessions. Why are we so frightened of change when change is the only thing that is guaranteed in life?

To participate fully and absolutely in your life you must live each and every moment like it is your last and only one on earth. We almost never do that because we “know” we can always take care of something tomorrow. By this I do not mean that you have to strive to accomplish everything in one day because you may not be here tomorrow to get things done. No! I mean that you enjoy your day to the fullest, do your best and enjoy yourself. Whatever you get done you get done, but you do not worry about it. You do not concern yourself with the past, if you made a mistake you forgive yourself and detach from it. You learn from your errors so that your future is more effortless. Once the moment is gone and you cannot change anything anymore. There is only now, so why suffer and waste your energy carrying the past upon your back? Why do we insist on carrying our anger and resentments from the past with us into the future? Same thing applies to the future. You can only take action now to the best of your abilities regarding what is to come. And the future will come fast enough without you rushing toward it!

Be flexible and ready to change in every moment in response to the clues that life is giving you. If you are not fully present you will not have the eyes or clarity to see all the opportunities that life is presenting to you right now. Your program will not be able to recognize and integrate those opportunities because your old beliefs and behavior patterns have total control of your attention. You need to shift your attention out of your program into your heart and your Spirit to be able to perceive new and different input.

You cannot process information that you are not capable of perceiving! Imagine for a moment that you are listening to the radio and singing a song. When the next song comes on you immediately start singing that new song don’t you? Do you think you would be capable of singing that first song all day long while other songs keep changing and playing throughout the day? It is difficult to do that; I cannot sing one song while another one is playing….I get too confused! Yet that is how life is. The songs keep changing and you are still singing some old song from hours or days ago! No wonder life is difficult and your head is spinning!

I encourage you to be present and live your life at the speed of light!