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Practical Jury Dynamics2
Practical Jury Dynamics2  combines Practical Jury Dynamics with the 2005 and 2006 supplements (Jury Thinking  and  Juror Competency, Juror Compassion)and also includes new, valuable material. The organization of Practical Jury Dynamics2 is designed to encourage more attention to three neglected parts of a Juror’s Trial World, in a three-part sequence: The Bio-physiology of a Juror...
Peer Groups
Clans, cliques, clubs, or classmates: Students of group communication should be encouraged to think critically about concepts to the groups that matter to them most—peers. Peer Groups is the first textbook to explore group communication dynamics with this vital group. Drawing on a combination of traditional and new theories, Dr. SunWolf uses an inviting writing style, shares the...