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With God, All Things are Possible? Oh, Come On!

On my way to LA. Speaking tonight on the subject “With God, all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26).

And, I’m wondering, “What part of “all things” did God leave out?”

The television preacher unequivocally declares, “Nothing! Absolutely nothing!” And, he declares it with such confidence…certainty…absoluteness.

I felt a twinge of jealousy, as he did.

I hope you can understand. Maybe you’re like him and these other TV and radio preachers all of whom seem to have it so together…so figured out…so right…until, of course, one of them gets caught money laundering or caught with their pant’s on fire, or charged with child molestation or womanizing or a hundred other things.

Then, everybody sits around, wondering, “What went wrong?” Then, with but a day’s worth of grief to get over, they’re off looking for another preacher to follow…to believe in…another magician who can pull a rabbit called faith out of his hat…another one who’s got it all figured out…all together! And, it isn’t long before they find him.

Wish it were as easy for me as it seems to be for them. Maybe you’re like them and life is perfect for you…or, pretty damn close and you can shout with equal confidence, “With God nothing is impossible” and make it sound like you and God are one-and-the-same even.

“You got the faith, brother! Amen!”

Well, it ain’t so easy for me. What I recite in my head, my heart rejects. Questions. Eyes with suspicion. Wants to call the bluff.

The preacher says, “That’s ’cause you don’t believe enough! You don’t have faith enough!” Like faith is a water bottle I carry around looking for the right spigot called faith with which to fill ‘er up.

That’s bullshit, if you ask me. Pardon the frankness but, frankly, I’m pretty fed up with what these TV preachers call “faith.” But, don’t EVEN get me started. That’s another subject altogether.

I’m still stuck on the “With God, all things are possible” part. So, why can’t I get beyond feeling as if I’m not good enough…I’m not capable enough…I’m NOT enough?”

Darn, I can hardly get through a day without worrying about where my next’s pay check’s coming from? Whether I made the sale…or, what an audience will think of me…if they’ll invite me back…whether my peers and colleagues are impressed, envious, or looking for a way to screw me. I even wonder things like, “Who are my friends? Does anyone even want to be my friend?

It might be so with God but, with me many things seem impossible. Impossibly impossible.

I think I’m finally learning the lesson – but, you see, I learn most good lessons in life the hard way – I call ‘em secrets to happiness and peace because they’ve taken me a long time to find them…to learn them – but I think I’m finally learning that the secret to living in a state of perpetual peace, of blissful knowing…and, by that, I mean a knowing with the heart, instead of just a thought in your head that too quickly finds your vocal faucet…I think I’m finally learning that the secret to living in a state of peace is to give up trying to be at peace…to quit trying to believe that with God all things are possible.

For, if the TV preacher is right and “NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” is left out of the realm of possibility with God…

Then, I think I’ll let God give my doubt a run for his own money. I think I’ll wager my faith, what little that some folks are convinced I have, I think I’ll wager my faith on this notion…

“God, if nothing is impossible for you, see what you can do about my doubts about that…my self-doubt, too.”

Now that is, for me anyway, the place of perfect peace. You might try it…that is…if you’re like me. If not, I know a good TV preacher you might watch.


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I love this! It's true, when

I love this! It's true, when I stop wrestling with all of the  impossibilities, I am at peace with what can be possible.

Great piece,


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Thank you. I can always count on you to read and respond. What a blessing. Have a nice evening, my friend.