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When What You Believe Just Doesn't Work Anymore...

Like you, I’ve heard many explanations for why Obama was re-elected. The best yet, however, is this one many misguided religious people seem to believe – that everything is God’s will. We saw this notion expressed in the now infamous remark made by Senate candidate Murdoch from Indiana – something to the effect that, even in the unfortunate consequence of pregnancy following rape, “it was all as God planned it.”

Now, if you apply this same misguided logic, as Karl Rove at Fox News and Donald Trump from LaLaLand seem inclined to do, then you have your explanation for why Hurricane Sandy showed up just as it did…just when it did. As the Trump tweeted, “Hurricane is good luck for Obama again…” "Good luck" - "God's will" - it's all the same, if you're so inclined. Add to that the comfy embrace of Christy from New Jersey – again, at just the right time and according to God’s Divine Plan – and, it all just makes perfect sense. Obama has been re-elected because it’s all part of God’s plan.

So, what’s all the fuss? Shouldn’t everyone be celebrating? Why is Fox News still looking for people to blame for Romney’s failure instead of finding cause for rejoicing this morning?

Of course, this logic that everything is God’s will works best when YOUR will is fulfilled.

But then, that’s the problem with this whole line of logic. The inclination to credit God for the good in our lives – as sports heroes and pageant winners seem prone to do – you’ve heard their ego gloating behind their God-talk before, have you not? – “I just want to thank God for giving me this crown…” – well, if you’re going to credit God for your victories, at least have the honesty to blame God for your misfortunes. That means, stop whining.

For all his failed thinking, you must at least give credit to Candidate Murdoch for trying to bring consistency between his theology or beliefs, however misinformed, and how he lives and talks and wishes to shape public policy. I’m wondering this morning, however, whether Murdoch has put two plus two together. If the unfortunate consequence of rape is pregnancy, then his failure to be elected to Senate is God’s will.

The problem in all this kind of thinking? Believing? And, as a consequence, policy-making in this country? It ALL needs to be re-thought. It just doesn’t work anymore.

I’m not real sure it ever did.


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God's Will

I think God's Will is done by people, not by Nature which follows the law of Nature. God's Will is done when a victim of rape does not have to pay the consequences of a crime by having to assume the responsibility of raising a child she does not want or, even if she wants the baby, have to sacrifice opportunities to develop as a person in ways of furthering her education and such. So, if God's Will is to be done, people will come together to support her to make the right decisions for herself and for the unborn whose future also depends on how people handle the situation. Anyway, that's just one person's opinion, but that's what doing God's Will means to me.

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Your Opinion...

...is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it.

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God.  Such a convenient

God.  Such a convenient excuse for humans.  

This reminds me of the Vatican car number plate (have I already told you this?) SCV (Stato Città del Vaticano = State City of the Vatican) but which some Romans have told me they like to read as "Se Cristo Vedesse = If Christ Could Only See

Brilliant article, by the way :–)

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No, you have not told me but...

That's good. And, thanks for the comment on the article. I hope you're well.