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What Is Enlightenment? Here's the Short Answer...
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I find Mark Nepo's thoughts so inspiring. His devotional today inspired the following insight.

Enlightenment (or, salvation, or awakening, or whatever you’d like to call it) is not some lofty place of achievement reserved only to those who struggle, strive and only then arrive at a level of life and living they imagine as pure bliss.

No, enlightenment is simply learning how to live by the impulse you feel within.

This does not mean living impulsively. Which IS how I have lived much of my life.

Instead, it is simply following what your heart says to do. Instead of hesitating or debating with the impulse or stepping away from the immediate feeling as to what you should do, you step toward it instead.

And, what happens when you step toward the impulse?

You step into bliss. Into yourself. Into God.

So then, what is your heart saying now?

Live by the impulse and you’re living “Your Best Life Now!”

Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/yourbestlifenow/#ixzz2M316mHDH

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Perhaps you have noticed

Perhaps you have noticed another lRed Room blogger and writer, Stephen Kaufman, who shares your interest in enlightenment [Stephen Kaufman, "Enlightenment--A Most Profound Universal Experience"]

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No, Brenden,

I had not noticed but I'll notice now. Thanks for the pointer.  Hope you are well. I'll send a "connection" request, in case you'd like to connect here. Hope you are well.