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The Enoch Factor...

I am so inspired by the writings of Nebo and this is no less spawned by his seminal insight into spiritual awakening.

There is a place in you and me that is the place of Divine Grace - where we've been touched, or are being touched even now, in ways inescapable...inexpressible...inexplicable.

Psychologists call this place the PSYCHE; theologians call it the SOUL; Jung called it the UNCONSCIOUS; Hindus call it ATMAN; Buddhists call it DHARMA; Sufis call it QALB; Jesus called it the KINGDOM OF GOD. He said,too, it lies within you (Luke 17:32).

It is a place deep within you where God is; where God is found; or, more accurately, where God finds you. Go there now. That is to say, just give your attention to the stillness within--it's there. It's always been there. It is beneath and beyond thought, busy-ness, prayers, words. Go there daily. Make this your practice throughout the new year. If you will, you will change. You will experience this Grace. You will walk with God. This IS the Enoch Factor.