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R. Lehman,"We don't let go into trust until we've exhausted our egos." In other words, living by faith is letting go and trusting the Unseen.

People talk about "having faith," as if it were something you could possess and in varying degrees. How many times, for example, have you heard people say, "I just don't have enough faith," or "If you have enough faith, you'll get what you pray for."

This is madness! Real faith is not a possession; it's the person you are. You don't obtain faith; you are faith in action. In other words, either you live from a place of trust or you live in the fear of losing control. Which is, of course, why people, especially religious people, are always clamoring, struggling, seeking, and, sooner-or-later, failing to obtain "enough" faith or "adequate" faith to move mountains...that is, control their circumstances, as well as their fears.

The real person of faith has given up control...or, no longer sees the mountain but, instead, trusts that Life itself provides in due season whatever is needed to climb, or leap, life's mountains. This person is at peace. There is no struggling, seeking, controlling. What would need to be controlled, if you live in the confidence of Him who IS all you need when you need it?

This is the meaning of Lehman's words. It is the ego in you - that which seeks to "Edge God Out" that, once denied, frees you to live from a place of quiet surrender and confidence...

Don't make this into a problem, however. Just recognize ego when it takes control. It's subtle, to be sure. But, with practice...with observation...you'll know when it has slipped in through the back door of your consciousness.

How will you know?

How do you feel at this moment? Out of control? Afraid things aren't going to turn out right? Under intense pressure? Stress? Then, know that this is the ego in you. Release it. Surrender to it. Don't fight it. Just be aware of its presence. Awareness is its death. It will disappear...or, dissolve in the light of your consciousness...your awareness. The light of consciousness dispels the darkness of doubt and fear. That in you who is aware of ego is the Holy Spirit bringing to your consciousness the thief who slips in to steal your peace.

What this means is that God is in you. Now, suppose you knew this, then of what would you possibly be afraid? God in you. God AS you. Remember, there is no separation between you and God. Oneness with God...with all that is, even your challenges...your mountains that, to the ego in you are insurmountable obstacles, are not obstacles at all but opportunities waiting your embracement. 

Meditation can help you here. Meditation is prayer with no talking. Try it and you'll feel the peace return...the Presence within you awaken or, in some instances, reawaken!

In that Presence, there is peace. How could there not be?

This is the pathway to happiness...to stress-free living.

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Steve, I'm glad that I read


I'm glad that I read this today. It's just what I needed to hear.



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