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I am always arriving, always en route, always going somewhere, am I not? Are you not? Yet, whenever I finally get THERE I discover it's only just another HERE. I suspect, when you and I can truly be HERE, we will have arrived at the ultimate THERE. Isn't the secret to happiness HERE? Already HERE?...
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Like you, I’ve heard many explanations for why Obama was re-elected. The best yet, however, is this one many misguided religious people seem to believe – that everything is God’s will. We saw this notion expressed in the now infamous remark made by Senate candidate Murdoch from Indiana – something...
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      Hi, my name is Steve. I teach leadership and the laws of success.  I coach executives, professionals, businesses, congregations, and religious leaders both privately and in group settings.  In the east, they say, “When the student’s ready, the teacher...
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It is one thing to do good. Quite another thing, however, when the crafty ego within you seizes the good you do as a way to be revered. Mark Nepo How does he know me so well? This has been a significant challenge for me throughout my adult life. I have wanted so much to be liked...to be accepted......
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Well, it seems to me, that it does not necessarily mean that you’ve recited something known as a “Sinner’s Prayer” and so are Christian. To be sure, it is possible that this is how your spiritual journey with Christ began. But do not mistake the recitation of words with the resolve of life. To be...
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“The first duty of love,” said Paul Tillich, “is to listen.” As I think about Tillich’s statement, I find myself concluding that this may well be the continuing failure within most religions and among most religious people. Not the duty of love part, although that might be explored too, but the...
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After last night's "Commander in Chief" debate, it is clear to me that only one candidate is a person of character and can be trusted to continue leading this country. No, I do not think nor do I agree with everything President Obama has done, is doing, or is likely to do. But, in all the years I'...
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In the last several years, I’ve made it my practice to live from this place of knowing: that, when I have learned the lessons life’s extraordinary challenges are designed to teach me, I start having different challenges…all, of course, designed to carry me along in the process of waking up to life…...
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I’m reprinting below an article written by Ellen Painter Dollar and first printed at www.patheos.com.  It explains my own heart, is written fairly, and is about as close to the heart of Jesus’ teaching and the political challenges we face as anything I’ve read lately. I gladly share it with...
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I think the thing I find most troubling about fundamentalism, whether in politics or in religion, is this: it is the declaration of war that fundamentalists wage on anyone whose opinion or understanding of truth is different. In its more extreme forms, the fundamentalists take up swords and AK-47′s...
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I do not know who said it but it is full of wisdom: “I envy the tree, how it reaches but never holds.” For as long as I can remember, something in me has reached for the heavens. I’d like to think it is the Divine spark within me and maybe it is. However, I’m also aware that the whole of my life...
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An open mind! What does that mean? It means to have an opinion but no attachment to it; it means to live by what you know to be truth for you while respectful toward another whose truth may be similar or somewhat different. Attachment is the problem! Detachment is the key! The key to what? How...
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If you must struggle to awaken, you won't. Salvation, enlightenment, awakening - it really does not matter what label you wish to give it - to wake up to who you really are...to your spiritual oneness with Life itself, takes no effort whatsoever. You are awake already. What else is GRACE, if not...
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Pam and I had lunch yesterday at a little restaurant in old Louisville. We were discussing the condition of a friend and family member in a nearby hospital whom we were going to see following lunch. His condition had grown worse and his survival was in question. So, Pam, who’s been recently reading...
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I think much about forgiveness and inner healing. Is it just me or does our world seem full of people who carry resentments and hurts for so long that their identity – that is, who they are – is like hair that is braided and so tightly woven around the hurt that they have no identity apart from...
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