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How Do We Change?

I am frequently asked, “How do I make changes in my life?” I have asked that of myself for years.

Here’s something I have observed. Change seems almost inevitable…even automatic, when one reality in your life sets in…a reality expressed most beautifully by one of my spiritual mentors:

“When the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of being different, you WILL change” (Deepak Chopra in Why Is GodLaughing?)

The longer I live the more I realize how true this is. You could apply this to virtually anything…

Here’s a few renditions on this:

When the desire for peace is greater than the drive to please, you’ll no longer care what they think…

When the pain of staying is greater than the fear of leaving, you will separate…

When the pain of smoking is greater than the pain of quitting, you’ll be free of the addiction…

When your longing to know God is grander than the fear of questioning your beliefs, your journey into the Divine begins.

Ever wonder why changes in your life do not come so effortlessly? Maybe the pain of remaining the same is as yet less than the pain of being different. When it is greater, you will change.

Another secret of happiness.


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Change brings experience.

Change brings experience.  Experience brings learning.  And learning, is our only hope to evolve in this life.

Excellent piece.

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It's the only hope of planetary evolution, too.

Thanks Katherine. Hope you're well. I'm watching and reading many of your posts at Redroom.