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Live fully into the life you have…into the person you are. All this straining, striving, searching, securing… And, for what? To BE more? How could you ever add anything to the perfect creation you are? What? You don’t think God did well enough to suit your tastes when she created you just as you...
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I’ve had it backwards all along. You’ll see. Just stay with me. I have written extensively on the subject of the widespread departure of what reporters describe, in an effort to be politically correct, “the religiously unaffiliated.” Everyone knows, however, what is really meant is “those...
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This blogpost of mine is currently live @HuffingtonPost - Want to leave a comment there, follow this link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-mcswain/fundamentalist-christians_b_... Those who insist the Bible is “literally true” have all but destroyed the very Bible they want everyone to take...
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Below is my response to Sandy Rios, the talk show host of the American Family Association, for her recently publicized remarks that “God will even the score” against Obama and gays soon enough.   I wrote the following response in an attempt to address why there is so much anger and hatred...
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"ARE YOU AN ATHEIST?" I was recently asked. Well, in the classic sense, I suppose I am. Let me explain, since atheism is perhaps one of the most confused subjects in the minds of most Americans. An atheist is not someone who has necessarily rejected God. Instead, an atheist has dismissed the idea...
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This article is currently LIVE at my blogpost site at the Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-mcswain/biblical-literalism_b_4966852.html  Most people could care less whether it is or it isn't. If you're reading this, however, you probably care at least enough to read...
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This blog is currently appearing on my Huffington Post blog: check it out, please, and leave a comment there or here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-mcswain/what-is-spirituality-not-_b_... What is spirituality? “It is,” as Rabbi Kaplan puts it, “the progressive unlearning of the strange ideas...
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I just witnessed the most remarkable display of ingenuity, creativity, and organization I’ve seen in a long time. I got off the shuttle bus at the LAX airport in LA, after a short ride from the Hilton Hotel. The bus driver, who doubled as a baggage handler, managed to board 25 passengers, arrange...
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I was reading again this morning the story of Nicodemus. You remember it, don’t you? The fellow who came to Jesus at night, full of affection for Jesus, but full of questions and confusion, too. Why at night? Why did he come at night instead of during the daylight hours? “Because he was a secret...
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cardinals northern male and female winter ice storm.jpg
The birds are singing this morning. Do you hear them? Or, are you dashing about preparing to plunge into the business of living on Monday morning? I will be, too, but the song I heard this morning stopped me right smack in the middle of the madness. Were it not for the winter that remains......
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"What's the point of human existence?" "Why did people actually show up on earth?" "What is the point of human creation?" "What is the point of YOUR life?" These are big questions and not easily answered. Anyone who answers them quickly is only admitting they have not explored them deeply. I was...
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This blog is currently posted at my blog site with the Huffington Post, if you'd rather read and respond there. Here's the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-mcswain/the-4-myths-about-prayer-_b_... Recently, I pulled up to my local bank drive-though, opened the "pneumatic tube carrier," as...
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The delays…interruptions…to your important life, as well as mine, are quite frustrating, are they not? Who hasn’t experienced a flight delay? A mechanical problem? A cancelled flight? Or, a traffic jam? Or, having to wait in the checkout lane? They’re everywhere. They’re a nuisance. They interfere...
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"God cannot be found in a book of religion," said the spiritual teacher and mind/body doctor, Deepak Chopra. That's probably not saying it strong enough. God cannot be found at all. If, however, you think of God as "up there, somewhere," and you as "down here on earth," that is to say, if...
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