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Kevin Trudeau interview with Dr Leonard Coldwell Live Radio show - Free Class: How to cure Cancer

The Only Answer to Cancer. Radio show: Listen on your computer for free - The importance of full body cleansing and the most important new developments for health and wellness: Kevin Trudeau Radio interview live with Dr. Coldwell talks about the importance of full body cleansing and Cancer. Upcoming events: Free Teleclass how Cancer can be cured March 10th and Live Radio Interview with Kevin Trudeau and Dr. Leonard Coldwell March 11th. 60 Minutes that could change your life forever! 1.     Learn the importance of Full Body Cleansing and the truth about cancer: Kevin Trudeau is interviewing Dr. Leonard Coldwell March 11th between 2:45pm and 4pm CT. After the live show this fascinating interview will be available on the internet on demand. www.ktradionetwork.com See also: www.bepurecleanse.com 2.    How to cure cancer: Free Teleseminar March 10th 9pm ET Sign up for free: http://globalteleclass.com/scripts/classDetail.lasso?courseNo=LCHTC-401a&returnPage=classDetail.lasso&-session=GTC_Session:4C49A29207791149EAVVM2A543A73.      Instinct Based Medicine - The only answer to Cancer Dr. Leonard Coldwell on live radio –listen on your computer anytime now! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/instinctbasedmedicine Dr. Leonard Coldwell the leading authority for Cancer and Stress Related illness reveals his knowledge and wisdom for the first time on Blog Radio. You can read Dr. Coldwell’s daily blog on http://DrColdwell.wordpress.com Dr. Coldwell has the world’s highest Cancer curing rate and you will learn why, when you listen: On your computer just go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/instinctbasedmedicine  Listen, call in or ask questions on the website. After the show you may also ask Dr. Coldwell personally about the life issues that concern you or your loved ones. Write to: Instinctbasedmedicine@gmail.com Every question will be answered. Dr. Coldwell cured his own mother from liver cancer in a terminal state over 33 years ago and she is alive and well at age 73. Dr. Coldwell worked successfully with over 35, 000 cancer patients (and patients with other so called terminal or incurable diseases) Dr Leonard Coldwell is a 10 times best selling author in Europe and his newest book is now available in English. http://vibrantliving.almostfree.universalformulas.com See the book information on Utube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x-SuMRW0mo  

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It's amazing how little real

It's amazing how little real information there is. Kevin Trudeau may walk the talk in real life, but in his books, the guts of the information people need on a day to day basis is not there.

My view is that if you are going to talk about any form of health restoration, you spell it out in plain, simple language right here, right now.

I have one of Trudeau's books and it was a waste of money. I would be cautious about aligning my name with his regardless of the hype.

Telling people they can learn to cure cancer by listening to a seminar is misleading. Yes in some circumstances it can be done but the reality is that those cures are only one step beyond coincidence.

At the end of it, the patient still has no real idea what in fact happened. Often the same thing can be achieved for some people with simple faith. That doesn't equate to informing people that they can cure cancer because there are too many variables and in most people's situations, the cure is not possible regardless of method used.

To me such a promotion is not in the spirit of what this site is about. If you want to talk about cancer cures, put all of the information right here where we can discuss it in detail.