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Dr Coldwell Report Can you handle the truth about health ?

THE DR COLDWELL REPORT™“ IT IS JUST MY OPINION – BUT I MAYBE RIGHT™”WWW.INSTINCTBASEDMEDICINE.COM IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO LIVE YOUR DREAMSI hope you did not make any new year’s resolutions because they are destined to be broken. If and when you make any decisions or resolutions you should make them when you are really ready to start and stay with them , not just because a new year has begun and everyone else is doing it. Every day is a new birth, a new chance to start new. It does not matter how often you failed to achieve your goals, or what happened in the past or how often you did not follow through or produce the right result, you can always start new and as often as you need or want too, because every morning is a brand new start. Don't let the past keep you from trying again and again until you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.THE PURPOSE FOR THIS PUBLICATION:You are right if you think there are enough alternative or holistic heath publications available today, and you may think, why do I need another one, my mailbox is full all the time anyway?
But this is not one of those typical alternative newsletters that constantly repeat issues and print empty studies reporting email publications that only try to sell you products to make money. The Dr. Coldwell Report is different! Why? Just keep on reading and you will see, why!
I started this newsletter together with friends of mine that are equally fed up with the hypocrisy of the so called medical profession and the incompetence and hocus pocus and often cowardliness of the so called alternative medical practitioners. Many are nothing else then wannabe MD's without the education. Many are so involved in the few things the government allows them to do that they think they have found the only key to health by practicing some kind of alternative and naturopathic treatments.
So here is the only truth and the clear answer to all these orthodox or alternative therapy forms: THEY DO NOT WORK AT ALL! The reason is that they all only treat symptoms instead of the individual cause of the health challenge. A true healer can only be a coach, and educator a friend and helper - there is no healing force outside the human body. The only Person that can make you sick is YOU and the only person that can cure you is YOU! And that is the only truth in regards of permanent optimum health.
The root cause of all illness is lack of energy which is usually the result of STRESS ( 86% ) usually mental and emotional stress and only 14% comes from nutritional deficiencies and negative behavioral patterns.
As long as you don't accept that you are responsible for your own behavior and your own results, resulting from your decisions, actions and non actions you will not be able to get and stay healthy. You need to accept responsibility for your life, health, success and happiness.
Illness is not based on bad luck, genes or destiny. It is the result of our lack of education, motivation, and our complacency, laziness, cowardliness or ignorance in the field of health and life. It is the result of our mental, emotional and physical action.
If you can at least say: " Maybe that could be true" then you are the reader I am writing my books, publications and this newsletter, but if you believe your doctor, a magic pill or someone else can cure you from the symptoms of your own behavior you can stop reading here. I wish you all the best and good luck. Then all you need is the senseless and dangerous pharmaceutical advertisement from WebMD.
If you are willing to take charge over your own life, health and happiness and are willing to do whatever it takes, then you just made the first step into a new life a new world of health and happiness and success.
I won't let you complain and whine or die in self pity because no matter how much pain you have or how bad your symptoms are - I have probably been there too and I learned that if you don't help yourself - there is no help. Stop complaining or blaming others or circumstances - just take charge and act!
Beginning with this FIRST DR COLDWELL REPORT™ you have the chance to stop hiding from the truth, stop letting fear , the past and self pity keep you from acting. This is the day you can decide to stop letting others make the decisions for you and say: YES, THIS IS MY LIFE AND I AM TAKING CHARGE OF IT!
I learned in over 30 years of successfully working with mainly terminally ill patients that were given up by the medical profession often with the prognosis of having only month to live, that there is always hope. There is always a way as long as you don't give up. The solution is: you need to do whatever it takes, you need to stand up one more time when life throws you down and you need to use your common sense and listen to your instinct.
I want to give you hope, strength, self confidence and the belief in yourself and your own unlimited self healing powers. I know how to do it! But remember, you are the only one that can use the information of true health, using your common sense and instinct to create the health you deserve. * (* of course I am not talking about emergency, reconstructive medicine. When I talk about illness and medical procedures in this publication I do not want you to wait to see a specialist if you have any medical emergency. I am talking about illness and disease created over time. ) Remember FACTS  prove that the medical doctor is the number one cause of death in America and more people are dying unnecessarily in hospitals, false diagnoses, wrong treatments or as the result of drugs and the side effects of treatments every day.
If you need surgery, ask at least 3 different people for their opinion, research the internet and talk to as many people as possible that had the same procedure or health challenge to be able to make your own educated decision. I am not saying that the medical doctors are all evil or want to harm anyone on purpose. The reason for the incompetence and chaos in the medical world is the result of false or ineffective education and manipulation from the pharmaceutical industry but very often also the restrictions or interference of the government. Most Physicians start out with a lot of ambition, hope and good intentions but when the reality kicks in they have bills to pay physicians find out what they learned in medical school does not really work. This is the point where they have to make a decision: to throw everything away that they have invested in; their education, money, time etc. and quit their job ( because they are by law bound to use only the government regulated treatments  that makes money for the pharmaceutical and medical industry ) or they lose their license or even go to jail. For example in most if not all states a medical doctor is required to apply chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to every cancer patient.  Fact is: chemo or radiation therapy causes cancer and surgery often lets cancer explode.
Vaccination is in my personal opinion an: ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON! And as far as I know there has never been an effective and safe vaccine. Poisoning young girls with an unproven untested and extremely dangerous vaccine for HPV by telling them it will prevent cervical cancer is in my eyes a major fraud and to make this toxic vaccine, with unbelievable side effects, mandatory is in my understanding, my opinion and belief: conspiracy to do harm for profit and power. It sounds like conspiracy to me.  I am not a lawyer so I hope someone with more legal experience and education will pursue some lawsuits against the individuals that are responsible and not just against the agencies, offices etc. because they are protected. The individual person stepping out of his legal rights within his or her job can be personally held responsible as far as my legal advisers have told me. Most of all I wonder if there is no lawyer out there that can file a lawsuit for premeditated murder or manslaughter against everybody that is responsible for mandatory vaccination? There is enough proof out there for the fact that vaccinations causing harm and death. I also believe that more people get damaged by the flue vaccination ( which cannot work anyway because it is the virus from the last outbreak ) than ever would be harmed by the flue. Plus I will take any bet that there will never be a massive bird flu outbreak in humans. I do my Be Pure full body cleansing system, take my vitamin c, e, zinc and quint essence and if I feel week add hydrosol silver and cal mag and I am sure I am safe from colds and flu attacks. Please read my book:” Instinct Based Medicine How to survive your illness and your doctor” and let me know what you think about it. With the deepest respect for you, for human life and healthYour Dr Leonard Coldwell “ It is just my opinion but I maybe right™”Patient Advocate. Health Researcher. Self help educator. Retired NMD PHD CNHP.  Not practicing in the USA. Using full of pride my right for freedom of speech.

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