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Love Transformed by Death,

Death Transcended by Love


Self-love is the foundation of true spiritual awareness and Swallowed recounts the odyssey of young Leanna Palermo as she learns this life lesson from the cellular to the cosmic.

After attending “Suicide High,” where an epidemic of student deaths taints her teenage years, the author of this stunning memoir attends Chiropractic College where she surfs powerful energies released by the expansion of her intellect and sexuality. Though those energies are transformed after a passionate love affair and a mysterious murder in the jungles of Palenque, Mexico, Leanna emerges, thanks to her unyielding sense of survival, having gained some of life’s deepest wisdom.

Witness the strength of spirit that arises from the rubble of her past and culminates in the staggering and visceral knowledge that we are more than our physical bodies - following her experiences of after-death communications and paranormal connections.

If you’ve ever felt the cutting edge of grief and the bliss of spiritual connection, if you’ve ever doubted life after death, you’ll find a friend between these pages, someone who boldly and bravely embraces the truth that love for all, including ourselves, is our ultimate destination.