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My Work? What Work?
My ew book for 2010!

My work is my Life. My talents in counseling and writing are an integral part of my psyche. The concept of work is not a part of my life but an everyday learning process; work becomes an unfolding of my ideals mixed with a genuine desire to provide service with compassion.

When I was growing up all my friends came to me for advice. I knew very young that my life would entail counseling others in some manner. Also, very young, I loved to write! Poetry would flow from my pen even as I began to write school papers; then later in my life, my mind could not stop directing me to write of thoughts and stories which ultimately were thrown in the trash never to be read by other eyes.

Work, the concept, seems to carry a negative connotation for most. This is evident by the speeding cars, drawn faces, and uncaring glances of our population getting to their "work" destinations. I have never been one to rush and I always make eye contact with others around me. I believe this is because my decision to know people and offer my guidance in whatever form that may take, keeps me focused on life's continuing cyclic rhythm. Life lessons come and go; work efforts come and go; beginnings enter and endings leave--these are universal truths. Don't "sweat the small the stuff" as we hear numerous times as our lives turn toward the suffering path seems to hold true. The small stuff? It's Life at work...