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A unique facet of the of the Divine Diamond
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This is the most unique book involving modern Cabala I have read! Perhaps it's because it's actually based on...Torah! Yes, that's right; this book is based on Torah and not on some modern magical system. No disrespect to magical systems, but this book is no such thing.

It's true, the kindle layout is no good (buy the paperback), but the arguments certainly make sense. The book is written in a style that speaks to my soul and paints pictures in my mind. Ideas, arguments, and reasonings are repeated throughout the book. Each time a concept is repeated; it is adjusted slightly or presented a little differently to shed light on a different aspect of it. This is the style many Torah books are written in; it's highly effective for promoting understanding of metaphors and esoteric ideas.

My favorite thing about this book is its holistic approach to the 2012 phenomenon. Krafchow ties everyone and everything in to the 2012 event through the Torah (and thus the cabala). There are no overtones of racial or cultural superiority, and there is an acknowledgement that the Creator speaks to all of us, albeit in different ways.

The human race is being presented with an opportunity to evolve beyond what we currently are; this book clearly intends to help in this process.

2012 and the Cabala