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I think this is the first organization I have joined since joining the navy at 17, since then life has been an adventure. People told me if I wanted to write I needed to sit down and write, but I thought it was more important to live so then I would have something to write about, but like usual—man plans and God laughs. When I was 26 I began to laborious task of learning about my heritage—Jewish. Over the last 10 years I have written six books and am presently working on two more. It has taken a long time, like digging deep into the earth, but I have found that deep gushing spring spilling forth without end—at the end of each day of writing I need to only close the spigot. Much of what is coming through is completely new ideas. Next week for the first time I will publicly speak about this knowledge:

Thursday May 22 at Sophia Healing Center located in the Lower Haight, Dovid Krafchow will make a presentation from 7:30 to 9:00 concerning the nature of time and the meaning of the date 2012; in four years the end of the 5000 year Mayan calendar will intersect with the 6000 year Hebrew calendar. The talk will also expound upon the Zoharic version of creation--an inverted big bang theory. Political, social and metaphysical inferences brought on by this time, 2012, will be examined using scientific principle and empiric evidence. The audience will be invited to give their minds a stretch to make room for these new ideas. More at JewishBohemian.com

This is a very big time for me and I really appreciate being accepted into this group of writers. I will post a few essays for my peers to chew on.

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Welcome aboard!


I think you have one of the more intriguing CVs of anyone who's shown up here! I'm looking forward to some interesting discussions!

From my favorite Old Testament passage, Isaiah, 1:18

Come now, and let us reason together..

Sounds reasonable to me!