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The 42-foot cross atop public land on Mt. Soledad in San Diego is an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

The cross originates from the previous world Tohu/Chaos where the primary number was 42 a combination of six times seven; in our world Tikun/Fixing the primary number is 49 a function of seven times seven. The cross is the representation of how life formed inside the previous world.

According to the Cabala, the primordial serpent with a triangular head symbolizes life from Tohu/Chaos where sexuality was dormant causing six against seven. The triangle of the head corresponds to the three parts of the brain while the other seven components of life lined one up behind the other.

The basic symmetry of the serpent can be extended into a cross. The seven emotions that line up behind the triangle of the head are indicative of animal sexuality seeded upon the earth when Tohu/Chaos broke, called Severot HaKailim/Breaking Vessels, creating sex. The cross signifies the previous world.

The cross is antithetical to everything in our sweet world – the inverted cross is the sword. In the World of Tikun/Fixing there are three triangles set together on three pillars that funnel light into the Royalty of the Creator’s domain – also known as the Lips and Speech of Woman.