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Back in the Saddle

After a seven year spurt during which I wrote ten books it has become evident that it is time to put down the pen and pick up my hat–it is time to go out into the world. Recently, I discovered I am autistic which has help clarify many things in my life; autism is not an ailment but a different, more inward type of human being–often attracted to the seclusion of writing. Even at the age of sixty-five it is not too late to make radical change in one's life. I have  spent 40 years working at the Torah/Teaching of the Jewish People and have found great solace in the esoteric texts which I have merged into my writing while seeking the truth about creation. I need to make my knowledge more public so I have lept into the abyss of public classes. My first lecture, 2012 and the Cabala, will be accompanied by Sylvia Bagge on the Cello at Fort Mason Center on April 28 concerning the intercessions of the Mayan and Hebrew calendars culminating in 2012. I think I need to start blogging just to get a sense of people again.

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Acchhhh...the world ain't

Acchhhh...the world ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Eric the Gentile Rabbi

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And what a lovely hat it is.

So enjoyed your post. Looking forward to more. One line grabbed my mind, and pierced my heart."Even at the age of sixty-five it is not too late to make radical change in one's life."

I just turned 66. And I feel as though I need - truly - a radical change. Todah Rabbah.