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Good Thinking Territory
Just tell us what's on your mind--a lot of the time I’ve got too much time on my hands. I’ve authored and co-authored thirty-seven photo-driven books and for the first time since 1995 I don’t have an active (i.e. paying) book project. So, with that caveat, if you actually intend on reading these...
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Driftwood Whimsy
My first book (my 37th comes out in Spring 2010) was a thin, but mighty photo-driven tome titled Driftwood Whimsy: The Sculptures of the Emeryville Mudflats. I had lived on the fringes of the San Francisco Bay Area town of Emeryville since 1971 and had marveled at the sculptures people...
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The pristine playa
Pre-Burn: A Bittersweet Remembrance of the Days Before Burning ManAs the time of Burning Man approaches, my thoughts often turn to the before-time. There was an article in the SF Chronicle last Sunday July 27th about the area around the playa. After reading it I decided to pen this missive to...
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Three new books from Douglas Keister
Douglas Keister has THREE books published in THREE months. Either by fate or design I've have three books slated for publication in three consecutive months. Teardrops and Tiny Trailers, my fourth book on vintage RV's and trailers, was released by Gibbs-Smith Publisher on July 1st. Lincoln in...
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The weather forecast says it's gonna be a crappy day on Saturday in San Francisco. Don't even think about kite flying at Crissy Field, lolling in the sun at Alamo Square or skipping along the Embarcadero. Just forget about it. The place to be (at least from 11am until noon) is Book Passge at the...
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HOOKER OAK FIELD, CHICO, CALIFORNIA. It's mid-February and the Boys of Summer have started to arrive. The air is filled with the crisp sound of leather slapping leather and the solid clack as bat and ball collide. There are also the gentle groans when muscles grown atrophied during the short...
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Thank you Redroom for putting my latest book, To Grandmother's House: A Visit to Old-Town Beijing as ‘Best Review" for three days in a row. To Grandmother's House (my thirty-third book)is written in English and Mandarin (I only wrote the English). I photographed the story in April 2007. How...
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On Amazon there were 27 reader reviews of the Liar’s Diary. Here is the first line (or so) of the 21 five star reviews. Interestingly stringing them all together makes an interesting read. Go to http://www.patryfrancis.com and read about this talented author. The Liar's Diary is an excellent story...
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First off, I'm no literary light or respected social commentator like some of the folks here at Redroom who are in the vaulted world where they are known simply by their first name. Even if I attain a one-name status, I just don't think "Doug" will ever have the cachet of a Maya, Khaled,...
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Well, I just signed a contact for my THIRTY-SIXTH book. I'm not bragging, mind you (Margaret Mitchell only needed to write ONE book to get noticed) I'm quite happy that the folks here at Redroom have allowed me to participate with real bona fide writers. I started scratching out a living as a...
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