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I understand that the holidays are the time when traditional staples like turkey and ham take center stage. And many families highlight foods that celebrate their culture. This is all well and good, but what the holiday table should really feature are comfort foods. And none is better that a jiggly concoction commonly made from an extract of boiled bones, intestines and connective tissue. Jell-O.

  I grew up in the Midwest in the middle of the last century. At that time there were three food groups, meat (terrestrial animals only), bread (the more buoyant the better) and Jell-O.

 Jell-O was the universal solvent. Midwest mothers fabricated a number of congealed concoctions using Jell-O as the base. These creations were used to surreptitiously transport vegetables into our developing bodies.  Few foods escaped Jell-O’s grasp. Shredded carrots were cleverly camouflaged in orange Jell-O. Celery chunks were folded into lime Jell-O and canned beets were layered into grape Jell-O. Jell-O was so popular that in an attempt to exploit the Jell-O/vegetable marriage, marketers at Kraft Foods, the Jell-O overlord, introduced Celery Jell-O, Italian Salad Jell-O and Mixed Vegetable Jell-O all of which quietly disappeared from grocery store shelves.

 Now, in the spirit of holiday GIVING, here is the sacred never-before-revealed Mom’s  Festive Holiday Jell-O.

 Two Boxes Raspberry Jell-O (For the adventurous Black Cherry may be substituted)

 One cup frozen raspberries (preferably dispensed from a rectangular box)

     NOTE: FRESH raspberries are strictly prohibited)

 One cup applesauce (the smoother consistency the better)

 PREPARE the Jell-O and ingredients in the traditional way


 The raspberry and applesauce infused Jell-O is reason enough for taste-bud revelry, but the best is jet to come.


Miniature marshmallows as needed

 Sour Cream as needed

 Mix miniature marshmallows and sour cream to a lumpy consistency. Then trowel on top of gelled Jell-O.


 Mom’s  Festive Holiday Jell-O will change your life and dramatically increase your longevity (mom is 94).

 Enjoy. Happy Holidays.

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Great post, Doug ...

... as a child I believed Jell-O was a real dessert too. I grew up, though, and didn't have to eat it any more. To paraphrase Samuel Goldwyn, I never liked it and I always will.



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Thanks Barbara.. I

Thanks Barbara..
I appreciate you taking time to reply. A few years back I got my first senior special meal (at age 50). The special? FREE Jell-O
Douglas Keister

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Jello memories!

I am not sure which is my favorite section of this--the boxed raspberries, so Chicago, or the fact that my mother also did that cagey celery-carrot spy routine. Thanks for the recipe.