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BOOKLIST, Dec. 1, 2004
Adam Story longs to see the world, but he never imagines he will get the chance. Then, on his twelfth birthday, a mysterious stranger, Prince Oh, from the kingdom Babababab, visits and challenges Adam to circle the globe in 40 days--no flying allowed. Outfitted with an excuse for his mother (summer camp), special technogadgets, and plenty of money, Adam embarks on the trip of a lifetime. Soon, however, he finds out that things are more complicated than he imagined; he is part of a global game, racing against time and against 23 other kids, and dodging darts and some unsavory adults (dastardly Baron von Sheepsbottom) for a prize of $4 million. Evans' writing matches the lively pace of Adam's journey, and Adam's descriptive narrative makes for a fast-paced, engaging read. Children looking for adventure, humor, and a bit of escapism will enjoy the intrigue, imaginative details, fantastical and familiar locales, and the quirky characters. Occasional black-and-white, cartoonlike pictures illustrate the text. -Shelle Rosenfeld