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Published by Children's Literature
Kids and teachers alike will recognize most (if not all) of the students starring in each chapter of this funny collection of classroom tales. ...Funny and easy to read, this is a...
Published by Book List
Gr. 2-4. Homework makes no sense to Hari. Consequently, he eagerly trades one of his five senses to a gnome for doing his lessons. That arrangement works well--until he...
Elevator Family
Published by Kirkus Reviews
From Kirkus Reviews: An endearingly eccentric family settles into the elevator and hearts of the patrons and employees at the San Francisco Hotel in this over-the-top tale from...
MVP:Magellan Voyage Project
Published by Book List
BOOKLIST, Dec. 1, 2004Adam Story longs to see the world, but he never imagines he will get the chance. Then, on his twelfth birthday, a mysterious stranger, Prince Oh, from the...
Classroom at the End of the Hall
Published by New York Times Book Review
From New York Times Book Review: The custodian at the W.T. Melon Elementary School tells some tall tales about ghosts and mischief in the building ... believe them, or laugh, or...
Classroom at the End of the Hall
Published by Publishers Weekly
Starred review*--Peculiar happenings are the norm in the classroom that serves as the setting for this droll collection.  Occasionally reminiscent of Louis Sachar’s Wayside School...