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Aug 2012

As an unaspiring poet, I recently published my first book of poetry and am looking for ways to promote it. Cheap ways, easy ways, (and ways that climb on rocks?)

Personally, I have been a stay at home dad for the past several years, a positon with which I was wholly unprepared for and yet have enjoyed immensely. This situation will change in the next several years as our children get older and so I am 'thinking ahead' and hoping to find a potential late career option. By which I mean, I love to write and hope to parlay this into an income. As an avowed wordsmith, their usage intrigues and inspires me on a daily basis.

Professionally, I have done many things in my life, though oddly enough most of it in the field of sales. Odd for me, anyway, as I was perhaps the most introverted and stutter mouthed boy in the history of mankind. Nobody ever suggested to me way back when that I would someday love to talk in front of and to others. Strange, really, how the vagaries of life lead us to where we are.
While on a sales call during the beginning stages of my selling career, I was shaking so bad and stuttering so incoherently that the man with whom I was trying to sell my product to gently and nicely told me that perhaps I was in the wrong field of work. I left his home with a purpose, which was to at the very least get over my fear of such situations. And so I stayed at this first sales job, and even learned to thrive at it for awhile. Eventually, I earned my B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington, and proceeded to work my way through a series of sales related jobs until January of 1999, when I reconnected with my soon to be future wife. I moved back to Minnesota (my home state) and inexorably seemed to become the stay at home dad I am today.

Personally, I have enjoyed much more success that I ever aspired to achieve professionally. There was only one thing I ever recall really wanting in my life, from the earliest memories I have, and this was a deep seeded desire was for peace. Perhaps it was the tumultuous world I was born into that evoked this desire in me, with violence and threats of violence at an early age shoving me into a dark shell from which it took years for me to emerge. Peace, for me, became the only thing which had any significance. No career inspired me, and I continued to ramble along in my own way, sheltered from getting too involved.

Much to my surprise, and delight, I did find this peace. A process which did not begin to unfold until I was in my thirties. Along with this peace, and as I fell deeper and deeper into peace, I also found my desire to write. It poured out of me, in a sense, as floodgates opened and new visions expanded within the confines of my mind. For the most part, my writing has mirrored my spiritiaul path, and I've tried to find what I deem to be interesting ways of expressing it through the written word.

So, I'm hoping to join Red Room simply to open doors and see what may be on the other side. I still remain timid in sharing my writing, and yet have found that many respond to it in a favorable manner. And what more could a wordsmith ever ask for, really, than to have just One person feel moved by One's words.

doug crandall

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