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Oakland, California
Married to Dr. Sara Newmann
Jan 2011

Hi there! I am writing a novel on Twitter called "TweetHeart," about a homeless woman who's estranged from her family...until she starts tweeting.  My book - her tweets - began 1/11/11 and will end on 11/11/11. Simply follow twitter.com/tweetheartnovel to read the story.

I am also a reporter at KCBS Radio in San Francisco, the bass player for the Eyewitness Blues Band and The Fallopian Dudes and I write the political blog Sovern Nation.  You can read my radio bio at www.kcbs.com and my musician bio at www.eyewitnessblues.com.  There' s much more about TweetHeart, and me, at http://tweetheartnovel.com.

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Writing, reading, bike riding, bass playing, cooking and eating, politics, film...too many to list!