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Have decided to go ahead and self-publish my backlog of 3 books of fiction (Two Trains Running, God Awful Acres, and Stockboy), and a new version of Cat Came Back and Other Stories. You can view these and preview the first 10 pages or so, and of course, buy them, at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/...
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There is a gradient of accent as one moves from New York outward through the suburbs. It’s a gradient that reflects an economic and educational gradient, as the more well-off search for their little havens further away from the sordid pulse of the city. The rich sneer and street snap of the New...
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I've been in the US since June 2 and hadn't thought to advertise the fact. Spent 5 days in SF. I'll be in Chico, Calf. most of the time till June 27 and Davis, Calif. June 19-21. Anyone interested in buying Cat Came Back and Other Stories in those areas get in touch. I've got a whopping 4 copies...
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I was born and spent most of my life in the US. I have at various times been a hobo, a gardener, a carpenter, a taxi driver, a winery worker, a tobacco picker, a disc jockey and have worked at other odd jobs too numerous to name. I returned to university at the age of 39 as a student of biology,...
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