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Sacramento, California
May 2009

I'm a semi-retired evolutionary biologist/entomologist. I've recently returned to the US after living and working in South Africa for 8 years. I have published 4 books of fiction, which can be previewed and purchased here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/dadownie1

Check out my blog here: http://dougdownie.blogspot.com/


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Upcoming Works

I have self-published a collection of short stories along with a novella (Cat Came Back and Other Stories). These were all written in the 1980's. I have recently completed a short novel and another collection of short stories for which I am looking for a publisher or agent. I have enough poems for two books.


None, yet

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self, as Jazzman Publications

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Evolutionary biology, entomology, prose and poetry, guitar, jazz, blues , folk music, fly fishing, hiking