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Words and Waves: An Evening Of Surf Lit
04 Oct 2010 6:30 pm
04 Oct 2010 10:30 pm

Litquake’s first-ever surf-themed event combines specialty cocktails, videos, music, and readings in a heady mix that’s sure to result in a great party!

If you think that the surfing scene only includes dunderheaded slackers who can’t put two sentences together, prepare to be stunned by the eloquence of these authors’ words about the lifestyle, the joys of riding the waves, and the humbling powers of nature.

To be held—where else?—at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Co-sponsored by the Park Chalet, and featuring deluxe Blue Angel Vodka cocktails. Emceed by surfing environmental lawyer Mark Massara.

With Krista Comer and Elizabeth Pepin, Doug Dorst, Daniel Duane, Thomas Farber, Steven Kotler, emcee Mark Massara, Michael Scott Moore, and Matt Warshaw

Admission: $5-10 donation entitles you to order off the Happy Hour menu all night!

1000 Great Hwy.
San Francisco