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Pinch my pennies and purchase myself some long white curtains;

To cover my windows tonight, to cover my windows, to hide my pillows/

I'm browsing for that fabric that won't cast a shadow;

I'm ransacking racks of that ancient thread woven in Egypt/

To cover my windows tonight, to cover my windows and to hide all of my pillows/

I'm inquiring over seas for that foreign fabric that the wind won't penetrate

While my window is open;

I'm swindling imported tapestry that will conceal my insides white/

Until after that hour before the candlelight burns out;

And coming forward in the final flickers, a full focus and the wretch of two figures that have met/

Leaving two crimson silhouettes before the dark and the dawn, that renders my pillows wet.

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Red room! I uploaded a picture file. What's up with the html mess that came with it?

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Doug, the HTML you saw didn't come with the photo you attached; rather, it appeared because you copied and pasted the text of your blog post directly into the text field. To avoid this, copy the text, then on the Red Room blog template, click Enable Rich Text. A small toolbar will appear that includes the Paste icon, which looks like a blue W superimposed on a little clipboard. Click that, then paste the text. Click Submit, and you blog entry will be posted.

Please let me know if this is unclear. Thanks!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Thanks so much!

I appreciate the assistance! ;o)