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atom bomb
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 18 Technology and Weapons of War War in this day and age is all about the commercial and underground spread of dangerous arms such as the gun.  The Chinese invented black powder later called gun powder.  The Chinese first used gunpowder as a weapon known...
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Publish… Publish…Publish…Blog 1:   Life is but a dream until we author the theme! Are you a vivid dreamer?  Do you day dream?  Is your imagination so creative that you’ve never seen the beauty or pictures inside your mind produced on television or film?   If you can answer yes to any of these you...
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A dream
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 17 Legislation rules! The history of laws is what makes the people civilized.  Civilization as we know has its roots in Roman and Greek/Hellenic rule.  Some argue that Rome is attributed to the perfect legal system.  Others say, the civilization...
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egyptian pyramid
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 16 The Stone that the builders rejected The true story account of Nimrod’s reign and first world empire is profound.  It is this act of building a tower to heaven that spawned many religions across the globe.  I would go as far as to say that it is the...
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US Navy bldg
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 15 Symbolism is infested in American society from the markings on money the symbols on products to even the most subtle of gestures.  Nobody seems to ask why?  University culture boasts of their Greek fraternal brotherhood and sorority sisterhood and...
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A Roman White House
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 14  “This wicked and perverse generation seeks after a sign, but I tell you that no sign will be given to this generation… except the sign of Jonas (Jonah) the prophet…”  Jesus of Nazareth of the Gospels The sign of Christianity has been historically...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 13 There is an admiration of Greek culture in today’s society and has long been acclaimed for its influences on western civilization.  The Athenian empire was established with the triumph over Persian King Xerxes and ended after the battle of Corinth...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 12                 Freedom of religion was established by General George Washington the first president of the United States of America, for Americans.  However, freedom of religion has its roots of decree in the kingdom of the Medes and Persians.  A...
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The V.O.I.C.E Writer's Conference in the beautiful autumn hills of WV Saturday, November 21st,20099am-3pmPullman Plaza Hotel1001 Third Avenue Huntington, WV 25701Early VIP registration is available between July 1st through November 5th, 2009 for only $100.00 Late registration rates are as follows:$...
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Lit world
The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 11 Empires The first world empire according to record is the Babylonian empire under King Nebuchadnezzar in (August of 605 B.C.) the residue of real estate remaining is modern day Iraq. The second empire consisted of the global domination of the Medes...
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obama healthcare
I challenge you as an educated American to investigate the differences in media propoganda and factual reporting.   Health Care Reform Obama's Plan
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As a child, my beloved grandmother used to give us "medicine" A spoon full of some natural extract that we called cough syrup. She used to make sassaphras tea. I remember that I would've taken anything from my granny because whatever my granny gave me was good and trusted. Of course, my...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 9 My story is not for exploitation.  I am who I am.  I existed and still exist with an authentic piece of perception.  No man can take away my personal perspective and no person can tell my story like I can.  It is my choice to place my life experiences...
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Mass confusion...and yet everyone is right in their own right. The component of emotions that run contradictory to our beliefs can give the impression of a person being at war with himself. The significant benefits one can monitor and achieve with the disciplines of self-control, versus giving way...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 7 I looked for positive remarks regarding the Federal reserve banking system. I found none, however, I did find interesting views on our income tax system. One interview with a former IRS agent and republican congressman Ron Paul. The interview was over...
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