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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter Transition
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I promised 53 chapters of this blog the Great Exploitation Proliferation because of the principle of productivity.  However, like every life cycle there are seasons and it was mandatory that I endure a season of silence.  It has been months since my last post and it isn't til now that I'm grateful for the delay.  I had to put things in perspective and see somethings that are not only being reported to the world by men who have been places I've never been.  These things that I'm referring to is my local town and the people who make up my city.  The product of national trickle down and the slave quarters of the sinking Titanic. 

 I will be brief in this notice.  The blogs will continue if the Lord says the same every Sunday night.  The blog that I will post Sunday is entitled WE SEE YOU TOO.  This is a notice on all those aristocratic elite that prey on the poor and needy for profit without accounting for the precious blood that souls that contributes to their comfort.  I'm talking about greed.  I'm talking about the watchful eye that examines the data of everyman's soul and counts it personal profit.   I challenge those skeptics that read my blog to take a good look, breakdown and define the soul purpose of the information age.  Then look and see who is taking a good look at you, breaking you down and defining your soul purpose?   One more question... when you notice them noticing you, by declaration will you bow down and worship them as God of your life?  Well if you ask me you won't have to wait till I drop the next blog.  My answer is; heavens emphatically NO!  Many will say well that's an extreme conclusion to current events especially from a local stand point.  But let me just point out some extremes that appear everday with no regard publically. 

  • We are primarily taught evolution in our early education and through out.  Even though we see no examples of evolutionary science before our eyes that is not man made.
  • We also see that with breakthroughs in technology that man is perpetually attempting to create its own evolution which explains the saturated theories of evolution being observed in our science curriculum. 
  • Creationism is mentioned but is not embraced due to its origins in religion.  Even though we see examples of its premise within our studies of human reproduction right before our eyes.

I will not discuss anything further, but just meditate on that for a while so that you can be ready for this blog bomb I'll be dropping for Chapter 29.