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What has this world come to? People ask that question alot! The question is where has this world come from? Nobody asks that question and it seems to me to be the more logical question of the two. History is one of the most important subjects in grade school. Reading is of course the most important...writing...and Arithmetic. Your basic decipher/comprehension, means of recollection and tools of keeping accurate record, accounting, etc.

His-story whose story and whose story is reliable truth. Many traditions have graced record and the world has even survived the "dark age." It's hard to ignore the traditional misunderstandings, century old debates that have grown and reformed today's society in every corner of the world. The culture of those who bare rule trickle down to the people until they have been overthrown. Oppressed people have been known to rebel against social order and have recreate their own cultures. The cultures have to be redeciphered by those in authority in order for them to maintain order and to bare rule. Understanding every level is of upmost importance to prevent schisms from forming in society. A popular quote from the gospels is that "A nation divided against itself will not stand."

Therefore, (a play on words) I'll say that is precisely why democrats can't stand republicans, republicans can't stand poor people and rich people can't stand equality! *Gasp* ...did he say that? Yea, get used to it because I have alot more politically incorrect statements brewing inside me and will come forth before it's all said and done. America has evolved into something it has never been before. We have two societies in America in various forms, but two major boundaries over all. The first society is Elitest and the second society is Survivalist. This is do to various cultural uprisings in modern American history, the various misunderstandings that come from bad deciphering of other cultures, and the organized chaos of political order. I highly believe that everything that is present in American culture and society is purposely manifested by an old power. There is a public education and an underground education. The next few chapters of the Great Exploitation Proliferation will uncover old underground orders and compare them to public propoganda. The goal is to discern the truth from the lie and accurately record truth as a testiment of real history.

Chapters 4-20 will be soley dedicated on history and when we reach chapter 21 then the big picture will come into form. Then the answer will come to the fore-stated question: "Where has this world come from?" Then we will be able to get to the famous question "What is this world coming to?"