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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 18
Collection of love poems.
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 18

Technology and Weapons of War

War in this day and age is all about the commercial and underground spread of dangerous arms such as the gun.  The Chinese invented black powder later called gun powder.  The Chinese first used gunpowder as a weapon known as rockets (tubes) in 1232.  The use of firearms changed Chinese culture tremendously seeing that the country’s defense was based on the martial arts in which the sword and the Japanese manufactured weapons of the Ninja dominated.  The first guns to record were wick style guns manufactured from 1364 to 1825.  Popular names of wick guns included the Matchlock, Wheel lock, and Flintlock.  In 1825, the Percussion-cap gun invented by Reverend John Forsyth and the first revolver was invented in 1835 called the Colt.  Shotguns came in the 1850’s and the Gatling gun was featured to record in 1862.  Revolvers made advancements in the Cartridge, and the Double action in the 1870’s.  The Winchester rifle was introduced in 1873 with the first automatic Winchester breaking through in 1903.  Automatic handguns came to the stage by the inventor Joseph Laumann and were made famous in 1893 with the Borchardt automatic pistol.

The 1900’s has been portrayed in other excellent technologies such as the television in which you can watch any action movie from a western, war-time or even an inner-city blaxploitation film and see how guns have made their influence on the world we live in.  Now we have 9mm, revolvers, glocks, Russian AK 47, M-16, 45 cal, 44 cal, 357’s, 50 cal, 38 cal, and so on and so forth.  The point is that we have historically solved our differences by fearfully preparing for the time that one’s independence would be violated.  It’s as if the protestant movement carried a cancer of divided differences within its culture.  Personally I believe that the laws and biblical principles are indeed good and moral standards govern people well.  However, the root of the “United States” has accepted the independent mentality of the masses; Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the rights to remain silent, etc.  Therefore, with these freedoms in place everyone embraced their differences and when others protested the choice of a violent defense was enacted.   The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871 with a New York City charter.  The memberships and arms grew with sporting events of the NRA.  Commercially what was intended for sport was also used heavily for wars Civil, domestic and in the famous World Wars I and II.  From the late 1800’s into 2000 we are still shooting, from domestic quarrels to the Middle Eastern wars.  We shoot more today because big business demands it!  America sales arms to other countries, because big business demands that we do so.   Halliburton owned by vice president Dick Cheney makes arms and he administered the declarations of a never ending war on terror.   Why “never ending?”   

The Atom Bomb

Albert Einstein wrote President Frank D Roosevelt a letter regarding the advancements in Nazi Germany’s technology.   Germany’s objective as stated by Albert Einstein was to purify U-235 (Uranium) and he speculated that the use was for manufacturing an atomic bomb.  Shortly afterward the Manhattan Project was under way so that the United States of America could produce one first.  After the fall of Nazi Germany books were later published about a technology entitled the SS Brotherhood of the Bell.  This Bell shaped “weapon” was said to have turned living plants in to black liquid, was rumored to be effective in time travel and was compared to make the atomic bomb look like a kitchen match at its full potential.  Needless to say, this is not something you can read about in school or see on a news report.   By 1945, (six years) and 2 billion dollars invested into the Manhattan project, the atomic bomb was successfully created.   J. Robert Oppenheimer was the most famous of those who worked on the project.   The atom bomb changed American history forever!   It’s been said that we were on the brink of world annihilation several times in our history; during the Cuban missile crisis and during the Ronald Reagan administration just to name a few. 

How does the atomic bomb change the game for America?  Because while pointing the big gun at the rest of the world, we could massively manufacture commercial weapons that “inferior countries” (those without nuclear power) could destroy each other with domestically.   A good movie based on actual events that makes reference to this point is THE LORD OF WAR.  The main character Yuri Orlov played by Nicolas Cage is a Ukrainian immigrant that sales arms to various countries in the world, mainly in the continent of Africa.   To quote Yuri Orlov:  “There are over Five hundred and fifty million fire arms in world-wide circulation…that’s one fire arm for every twelve people on the planet.  The only question is… how do we arm the other eleven?”  That movie was released in 2005.  It’s a must see because when you find out who he’s really working for it makes sense why he seems to be above the law in all his endeavors.  

My top three weapons of mass destruction that have been used already:  television (scare tactics), guns (mass distribution), and bad food (processed and GMO experimental).