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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 17
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 17

Legislation rules!

The history of laws is what makes the people civilized.  Civilization as we know has its roots in Roman and Greek/Hellenic rule.  Some argue that Rome is attributed to the perfect legal system.  Others say, the civilization structure of ancient Greeks better defined as the republics of Hellenes was the best of our ages due to the rich record poetry, philosophy, literature, physicians and other intellectual activity.  After all, Hellenes are famous for the Olympics and civil liberty traditions that the entire world keep today.  Yet, here in America laws are bought and sold at the highest bid.  Scales of justice are tipped in the favor of the rich.  Even legislation is rewritten for those who pay off cunning lobbyist.  Legislation by definition is law makers.  The United States of America is governed by three branches legislative, executive and judicial.   One writes the law…the other enforces…the other judges.   (The pen, sword and gavel) 

Law is simple but I think the tainted judgment of those who have been pampered through Ivy League schools have complicated its power.    Law by my definition is simply the wisdom to govern the people.  It’s clear that since we are dealing with corruption and chaos in our system then we can chalk it up as someone's lack of wisdom.  Is it possible to have an Ivy League education and be a fool?  Is it possible to have the authority to police cities and be a fool?  Absolutely, we have internal affairs whose job is not as complicated as it may seem.  For instance, the police office in Oakland California that shot that teenage boy with another cops knee on his neck.  He was faced down, cuffed and subdued in a crowded subway and the officer stood to his feet pulled out his gun and shot the kid in the back in cold blood!  It’s possible that reasons that far exceed civil reasons could’ve caused him to take that kids life.  However, when he goes before a judge will that judge rightfully bring justice upon a fool?  You can’t predict such a thing in the United States of America without knowing key facts.  Those facts are how much money does his family have to afford good legal representation?   Also consider state or city police officers are now being given federal authority so these officers get federal legal representation.   Therefore, to sue a city official would be like suing the federal government.   I don’t think justice would be served.  Justice wasn’t served when Rodney King got beat down in the streets of Los Angeles, CA by multiple police officers on video tape OH SAY CAN YOU SEE IT?  The jurisprudence stated that all the police officers were “not-guilty.”    Los Angeles rioted for injustice and still no justice was served.  

Civil liberty

Civil liberties are inherent.  If you came from a line of slaves rights to civil liberties are not guaranteed to you.  They may be given to you, but they are not guaranteed.  Greeks made the freedom of intellectual activity aided in the prosperity of their civilization.  The Romans established the Canon Code Laws to govern the world through the ordinances of the church.  Protestants protested their faiths ventured to new lands divided their theological views but the laws of civility remained intact.  The United States of America’s civil law was established on the Roman Catholic Canon Code Laws.  These laws and principles were rewritten and reestablished under the Constitution of the United States.  However, from 1913 to approximately 1930 the transition of America’s civil laws became internationally aligned.  This alignment of laws is currently called the Uniform Commercial Code.  This affects everything about how people live their lives without the people even knowing.  The social security number distributed brands the citizenship of the American to these particular laws.  Even the science of population control and depopulation is printed directly on every citizen’s birth certificate (Ex. SS111111?) can be value checked on the New York Stock Exchange.   Talk about civil liberties, we have them!  Let’s not forget the profound protests that brought people together in the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  His nonviolent divine movement let the world know that civil liberties are possible for any American willing to demand justice in a land that promises freedom.

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I want to apologize for all the typos on this chapter they have been corrected! Thank you for reading!