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The Great Exploitation Proliferation 15
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 15

Symbolism is infested in American society from the markings on money the symbols on products to even the most subtle of gestures.  Nobody seems to ask why?  University culture boasts of their Greek fraternal brotherhood and sorority sisterhood and seals the exclusiveness of their bond with symbols, handshakes, signs and movements, etc.  The same with secret societies of elite and the inner-city gangs claiming certain colors, and signs, etc… but why?  Witches and warlocks, shamans and voodoo priests even ancient carvings in every society since civilization has recorded history reflect such customs.  I will outline and define only a few symbols you see everyday just to prove a universal point.  The reasons behind the symbols just might be more than you ever expected.  I will also delve into why the Protestants fought for freedom of religion and the purity of the Holy Bible, yet blinked ignorantly at the abominable symbols that laden their governments and sealed their fates.

The Protestants

Martin Luther (1483- 1546) was founder of the Lutheran Church, and known as the initiator of the Protestant reformation.    He authored the 95 Theses an objection of Catholic indulgence October 31, 1517.  Originally a Catholic monk and scholar, Martin Luther broke from the church by 1519 and began preaching and teaching his own reformation doctrine.  Three main premises of his doctrine:

1.       Justification by faith which doctrinally aligns with the Pauline epistles; saying the just lives by faith and salvation was not of works lest any man should boast giving glory to the Father/Creator.

2.       The primacy of scripture for doctrinal purity and the purging away of non-biblical rituals and traditions.

3.       The priesthood proclamation for all who receive Christ.  For Peter writes in his epistle:  “You are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a peculiar nation…”

The Small Catechism written by Luther in 1529 became the basic statement for all Lutherans, but mainly only popular in and around Germany.

Anglicanism was birthed by King Henry the 8th (1491-1547) Catholicism was his religion.  However, he declared himself head of the Church of England in 1534 to defy the Roman papacy.  Many believe that he took control of the church to strengthen power structure of his government and not for issues of theology.  This act brought for the Episcopal Church with a theological make up of Lutherans.

Queen Mary I “Bloody Mary” King Henry’s sister fought to return the power to the Roman Catholic Church and was famous for martyring many Episcopalians she failed in her attempts.  Her sister Queen Elizabeth I of the Boleyn family of Protestants issued “An Act of Supremacy” taking away religious foreign authority.  This reforming and gathering of the Apostles doctrine that had been altered after the Council of Constantinople continued with the rise of the Anabaptists  by John Calvin (1509-1564) who were divided in four areas of theology: 

·         The main liners:  those who promoted strict biblical living.

·         The spiritualist:  those who preached the baptism of the Holy Ghost

·         The rationalist:   those who rationalized the bible in rejecting traditions

·         The revolutionaries:  those who chose to take the Kingdom of God by violent force.

The reformed churches also included Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) of Switzerland, the Dutch Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church started Scotland by John Knox (1505-1572).  In conclusion of the protestant briefing you see a pattern of sorts and simply through in Gnostics, Arians, Pelagians and Predestination you see that people for lack of focus simply believe what they want believe.  Which, if there were ever truths in the original doctrines of the Apostles, and teachings of Jesus Christ.  The devil truly exists, and he is doing exactly what Jesus taught his followers that the devil would do and that is deceiving the nations and creating wars and rumors or wars until he (Jesus) comes back. 


There are millions of symbols that people see every day in an America and people never question its purpose or origin.  However, there it lies silently greeting the subconscious and yet people are enamored with questions of why mysterious unwelcomed things happen to them.   Here are some famous symbols with their origins and meanings: 

·         The All-Seeing-Eye:  All knowing; a universal symbol of spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge many say that this is the same Eye of Horus (sun god) that is found in Egypt.


·         Masonic Compass:  moving to perfection and balance between physical and spiritual worlds.


·         Owl:  Famous on the dollar bill and known as the center of worship by all the elites in America at the Bohemian Grove.  Its origins are from the pagan worship of Molech.


·         Swastika:  Made famous by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.  Also found in the Skull and Bones temple at Yale University.  The origins of this ancient symbol have been found in Egypt, China and India.


·         The Tao:  means harmony unity and magic.  This symbol originated in China.


·         Caduceus is the famous symbol of the American Medical Association associated with Hermes (Mercury) a Greek god who is a guider of souls; psycho-pomp.  He also known as the messenger of the gods of trickery, wealth and death!