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Publish… Passions… People… (Chapter 2)
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Publish… Passions… People… (Chapter 2)

Write Now!

I was a Cincinnati Bengals fan in the 80’s when Boomer Esiason and Ickey Woods lost in Super Bowl XXIII to Joe Montana and Jerry Rice’s 49ers.  A year afterward the Bengals sucked and continued to suck year after year.  I remember the famous games where loyal fans wore paper bags over their heads.  Needless to say, I abandoned the team.  It had put a drag on the sport for me. 

Everybody wants to be winners in any game, but especially in life.  Most people gauge success by the amount of money that you can accumulate in a life time.   I was guilty of this assumption one time or the other.  Now that I’m in my early 30’s I see life different.  I know I’m still a young man, but I have enough experience to know that life is not what all the hype is.  However, I’m young enough to embrace the true essence and joys of life.   I used to feel bad for the Bengals, but now I see that team consists of people doing what they were gifted in life to do win or lose and that’s the real beauty of it (life).   I’m reminded of the Bengals because a talented and gifted receiver Chris Henry was just killed in a domestic situation due to head trauma.  It’s sad that a young man would lose his life like that.  

Not even a day fully goes by and I learn one of my home-boys got shot in home.  He didn’t die thank God!  It surely makes me count my blessings.  The number of times I’ve had guns cocked on me or faced other threats.   One of the things that I’m most grateful for in this moment is that I can write!  I can write right now and if something happens to me anytime afterward.    You can know what I was thinking in the moment.  For all the times that people express themselves verbally and are simply misunderstood.  Or they get half stories and half truths through gossip and hating.  I can write… and I can do it now! 

I can impart an experience and perspective that maybe no other person on the face of this earth can author. Even if someone borrowed my style and word usage, at least they can’t word it quite like I can.  As an artist that means something to me.  I can see that God made me special and since all of us have but a series of moments to leave our mark in the world, I see it as a tremendous blessing!    I want to encourage those who have that unction on the inside of them to tell a story or to sing a song that never been told or sung before.  I want to encourage you to write and do it right now!   Don’t delay it because even if the sun doesn’t shine in your world on tomorrow at least we know you had something to say about the day that the Lord made for you today!