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Dotti Enderle's Books

Mirror, Mirror
This exuberant, sixth installment of the Fortune Teller's Club Series focuses on Gena, the wise-cracking tomboy of their group. She needs to buy a fancy dress for a ball and dreads the shopping trip, but not because she hates wearing frilly dresses. Gena's afraid to look in the mirror. When she does, a strange girl with pigtails and a unibrow peers back at her.   Anne and...
Cotton candy creates chaos as big as Texas. When young Jake visits the Texas State Fair, he makes a beeline for his favorite sugary treat, but when the cotton-candy machine malfunctions, he leaves a very sticky situation in his wake.
Hand of Fate
A car accident prevents Anne from possibly winning the Cheerleader of the Year award. This odd twist of fate provokes the Fortune Tellers Club to explore the cause of the accident. Using astrology and other fortune telling techniques the girls discover a strange connection between Anne and a woman she's never met. As the club gradually unravels the tangled web of fate, Anne learns...
Secrets of Lost Arrow
Something's glowing in Lightfoot Creek. Spring break has arrived at last, and Juniper's headed to her grandmother's house in Lost Arrow for a visit. This year she's bringing along her friends Anne and Gena, the two other members of the Fortune Tellers Club. Something strange is going on in the graveyard near Nan's house. Each night a mysterious glow rises near Lightfoot Creek,...
Storytime Discoveries - Biological Science
This collection of original stories, folktales and poems are bound to boggle the mind, tickle the funny bone and please the participants. A delightful blend of biological science and storytelling . . . from head to foot. Fun and informative, this collection includes: That’s Impossible, King Midas and If I Had a Tail. Each storytime includes a complete list of materials, easy-to-...
Storytime Discoveries - Earth Science
Science and storytelling are a class combination that mix well. As students become engrossed in this collection of original stories, folktalkes and poems, they'll become equally absorbed in the accompanying earth science lessons. Treat them to exciting and educational storytimes with fun tales like Pecos Bill, Tyler and the Time Machine and The King's Trick. Each interactive...
The Magic Shades
When Gena finds a pair of cat-eye sunglasses in a thrift store, she gets more than she bargained for. Within a few days, Gena is convinced that the glasses really can show her the future. Anne and Juniper, the other two members of the Fortune Tellers Club, don't exactly share Gena's enthusiasm for her new shades. But then the glasses show Gena her dad's new girlfriend snooping in...
Storytime Discoveries - Physical Science
Be a Houdini in your classroom! Mesmerize your students with science experiments that appear like magic from the content of original stories, folktales and poems. Fun, as well as educational, these stories include: How Cats Got Their Purr, The Ambitious Raisins and The Famous Feud of Mason Jar Gulch. Each storytime experiment includes a complete list of materials, easy-to-follow...
Playing with Fire
Anne Donovan is smitten with Eric Quinn, the new boy in town. He's cute. He's sweet. And he's immediately recruited as a star player for the Avery Middle School football team. But when a series of fires break out, she learns he's literally the "hottest" boy at school.
The Lost Girl
Twelve-year-old Juniper Lynch and her friends, Anne Donovan and Gena Richmond call themselves the Fortune Tellers Club. For the past two years they've helped each other using Ouija boards, tarot cards, and other forms of divination. While crystal gazing in a bowl of water, they see the gaunt face of a young girl. The image is that of a missing child. And now the Fortune Tellers...
Malcolm's dad thinks it's time Malcolm and his best friend Dandy get out of the basement lab and started doing the things that other 10-year-old boys enjoy. So, they are going camping--in October! The best part of camping at Lake Itchyburr is the Legend of Wild Willy Wallace. The Ghost Detectors are ready to face the smelly, ghostly outlaw--it's a good thing Malcolm brought the...