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The Encouragement To Try

There are always firsts in our lives and today was my first author interview on The Writer's Edge.  I'm just a tad bit excited. Okay, very excited. Even if it helps one author decide what decision to make regarding their book, then it will be worthwhile.

If it pleases you to check  it out, I hope you will, and possibly leave a comment on the Writer's Edge website underneath the post. Thank you so very much!

 Best to you,




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Hi Dorraine, I read your

Hi Dorraine, I read your interview and tried to leave a comment there, but I think I´ll have to change some settings in my google account. I´ll try to find out. Anyway, I loved your honesty in the answers! That makes me want to read your book even more!

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Thank you, Luc! I appreciate

Thank you, Luc! I appreciate you. Several people have tried to comment and have had trouble. You either need an eblogger account or google. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and hope all is well with you.:)

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Congratulations, Dorraine!

Congratulations, Dorraine! May it be the first of many.

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Many thanks, dear Ellen!

Many thanks, dear Ellen!

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Congratulations D! I enjoyed

Congratulations D! I enjoyed the interview, it clarified the self-publishing option for me. Best, M

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Thanks, Mary! Will we be

Thanks, Mary! Will we be seeing some of your published work soon? Your talent should be shared in a big way.:)

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Dorraine, Best wishes from


Best wishes from Japan! I liked the interview. It's great to hear the experience directly from a self-published author. I love your photo, too.

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Oh, Keiko,there's your

Oh, Keiko,there's your lovely smile. Thanks so much! :)