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A house in Melaka, (Malacca) also a Unesco Heritage Site. An old trading center in Malaysia, with mixed ancestry (Dutch/British) and lots of genuine Dutch Colonial architecture.


Melaka is on the ocean of course and at least one YouTube video says the place is one of the cheapest places to retire.


Like in that movie I saw a few months ago, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with Judy Dench. I guess this is a real industry!


(My friends are starting to discuss 'where they'll go' once retired, which depresses me, because, as a writer, I don't expect ever to retire. They choose places in Ontario mostly! Although one Oakville, Ontario cousin (a doctor) hopes to retire back home in Quebec.


Well, my grandmother no doubt visited Melaka in her golden years, the place being near Kuala Lumpur. You can't say she retired in Malaysia, because she lived there most of her life.


I write about it in Looking for Mrs. Peel.


My grandmother, Dorothy Nixon, was the wife of a rubber planter, who was interned by the Japanese during WWII and who stayed in Malaya (Malaysia) and worked as the librarian at the Kuala Lumpur Book Club.


Upon her retirement in 1966 (at age 71) she came to Canada, to Montreal to visit her first born son, my father. We two did not get along!  She did not like Montreal either. It was a dull place compared to exotic Kuala Lumpur.


Melaka seems very pretty and touristy too. About the most colourful place I've yet found on my journey through Unesco's World Heritage Sites. Here's a 3 part video Melaka Georgetown. That video says that Melaka/Georgetown was included on Unesco's list in 2006, the same year as the Old Town at Quebec.




Yesterday, while I watched the evening Olympics (reruns) I visited a few other Unesco Heritage Sites on YouTube, watching tourist videos about Riga, Latvia and Visby, Sweden, and one with a bike ride through Switzerland's terraced vineyards. Very Pretty! These places seemed just as touristy as Melaka.



There are some very nice travel videos on YouTube showing these places. But then I tried Blenheim in Oxfordshire, the birthplace of Winston Churchill.  I couldn't find one decent video of that place, oddly.


I wonder why?