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Using Twitter to Promote An E-book



In 1907, Marion Nicholson of Threshold Girl the Amazon e-book was in her first year of teaching at Sherbrooke High. She had graduated in Spring 1906 and worked at a summer school in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.


She was 18.


She had been an ambitions student, making fun of all her colleagues at McGill Normal School (Teaching School) who were only looking for a 'pupil of one' after graduation.  (They only wanted to get married.)


But Marion had a problem. She was smart and vivacious and attracted the men in droves.


As her 1907 diary reveals.


I thought I'd tweet her diary entries on Twitter, as they are short and sweet. Find them at @dottynixon


She doesn't talk about her work, hardly at all.


Her diary is all about "the boys".


Here's her description of herself at the beginning of the diary.


As for the weight, I think that women weighed themselves at the Pharmacist with all their clothing on... corsets and all!




1907 Diary of Marion Annie Nicholson: Strictly Private!


Birthday March 9   Age: 18

Height: 5 foot 2;  weight 130;  Complexion: Fair;  Size of shoes 4; Hosiery 9; Collar 2; Gloves 6 1/2