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Promoting your Ebook - and meandering thoughts about marriage

A video I made in promotion of my ebook  Diary of a Confirmed Spinster.

Redroom doesn't allow videos, for free so you can find it here on my Blogger account. http://flointhecity-aworkinprogress.blogspot.ca/2012/09/spinsters-and-bachelorettes.html

My husband has dyslexia. It was five years into my marriage before I realized it. Dyslexics are very good at hiding their 'affliction.' I would toss him a printed page of the New York Times and say "Read this article, it's terrific." And he'd toss it back, mumbling something.

I knew he wasn't  a good speller, but I'd known doctoral students who couldn't spell.

I had been 'streamed' in high school. I had gone to class with the same group of 'good readers'. My older brother was reading Philip K. Dick  and Tolstoy in grade school. I had never met anyone with dyslexia.

Then, one day, about five years into our marriage, my husband was writing an email to someone and he wrote AVLAILABLE. I said, "You made a typo." "Where?" he asked. "Right there."





Right then and there is when I figured out my husband had no grasp of basic  PHONICS. (So it follows, he never knew the tangible thrill of seeing those phonemes and such put up in coloured chalk on the Grade One blackboard, a secret code soon to be deciphered.)

Anyway, he works as at TV Editor, so no harm. (He still has to read scripts, which is very hard for him. 5 times harder than for us dull average types, brain scans of dyslexics seem to show.)

He's been bored lately and asked me to download some of "Those BBC programs" onto the iPod. On a road trip last year we listened to all the episodes of A History of the World in 100 Objects.

This time, I downloaded some In Our Times...One about Game Theory and One about Randomness, because he's not into Art and Literature like I am and doesn't know Oscar Wilde from Jane Austen. (Well, he's married to me, so he knows Jane Austen, but he'd rather not.)

He came home that night and rattled off the whole episode to me. (I pretended to be interested.) You see, my husband is an aural learner.

I can read, but I'm an aural learner too. I can remember what professors said in their lectures over 30 years ago!

So, if School was based on AURAL LEARNING, my husband would have had an easy time of it. But school back then, and now,  was based on books and reading.

Anyway, my husband is the one who does the 'techy' stuff in my house, which is more about falling into the lazy habit of gender stereotypes.

I do all the cooking, you see. (I'm also an oral learner, a skill I picked up as a baby, crawling on the floor putting everything in my mouth. I once read a study that claimed the crawling stage was key to developing future Reading skills. Right Left. Right Left. My mother claimed I wore out the material on my right knee. I am very Left Brained. Very.)

The other day I wanted to make a slide show (a promo for one of my ebooks)and put some music behind it (an original song by my friend Gary Jewell) and put it up on my blog. The Blogger Dot Com one that allows AVI files.

So I did. It's a promo for Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, about my husband's great Aunt Edith in 1910.

I made a slideshow in Windows and played it on the computer and then on the Big Screen TV and took a film with my Canon Camera (Oops, I mean digital video of it)  off the TV and played my friend's song in the background.

"Why does the video blink?" I asked my husband. "Different frame rates," he answered.

Frame Rates, my Phonics, I guess. (Below is a link to my ahem experimental film.


Me and my husband at 4 or so.