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Day Trip for Writer's Block

A bust of General Brock of War of 1812 fame, a war that is being hyped to the hilt this bicentennial year by our cher Gouvernement.

Behind him looms Lady Justice, who isn't blind, although she is holding scales. Indeed, she's a bit of a Screen Gems Siren Style Justice.

I drove to Brockville today, because I was too lazy to drive to Kingston. But Brockville is nice and they were having a street fair.

This guy was on display.

I looked at some historic houses

and some pretty church spires

ate a very good turkey sandwich at Bud's Bistro by the water. It had fresh turkey, moist and plentiful and thinly-sliced green apple and I think Thousand Island Dressing, which is very appropriate, I guess.  And then I walked to a little park where I sat a stone's throw from New York.

And watched some scuba divers lumber by,so slowly it was as if they'd just finished the decathalon.

They are protecting us from the Americans, no doubt :) Brockville was a prosperous town a hundred years ago, because the US Patent Medicine people moved there for 'easy access' to the US market.

And then I drove home,watched Federer beat Wawrinka (pulling for Wawrinka, especially since he beat Raonic) and then walked the dogs with my husband in the new Jack Layton Park in Hudson.

It's a nice park, but the newly planted trees appear to be struggling. We haven't had much rain.

What I know about sylviculture (is that what it is called?) you can put in a chestnut but this Silver Oak tree, dedicated to her Majesty the Queen on her Jubilee Year

Looks Sad

And this tree looks dead.

We walked the dogs to the beach. The water is still very low, although we've had a little rain lately.

My husband spotted a dead duck, which he found funny.. Literal Dead Duck.

Funny, I drove to Brockville to clear my brain as I am having a little trouble editing the second draft of my School Marms and Suffragettes.

As I was driving on the highway, I heard a writer interviewed on CBC Radio explain my problem.  This man claims writers need 'boredom' to be creative, as in nothing to do, not Internet, no smartphone.

Because only when you are bored does your subconscious get down to business, working out creative problems - just because it needs something to do.

This writer worries that with Internet and 24/7 entertainment options, there will be less creativity, not more, because the brain of would-be-creators will choose cheap easy thrills over hard creative work if given the option.

I get what he means..I left my computer at home for that reason and my iPod. And I have only a dumb phone.

Get to work brain!