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The buried Manuscript Award

This particular blog is based on criteria that RedRoom has set forth in order to develop a book award that would showcase a particular category of book. I thought that it would  be a great idea to create a category that would showcase someone who has been sitting on a wonderful book whether it be fiction or non fiction that could actually be a bestseller. Close your eyes, picture the manuscript sitting on the shelf of your home or mind with tons of dust collecting day by day as you run errands, do housework, and work your job. You are afraid to publish because of thieves, vultures, and wolves, or perhaps someone took your mojo. They told you the book was not up to par, get a job, or something discouraging, but it is a story of inspiration, hope, love, passion. It is the next great invention or innovation, it is the next how to series. It is your time to develop that idea, dust off the manuscript, photos, that ingenius content whatever it may be and make it happen. No one knows you but you have a gem in the palm of your hand waiting to be released. It's an old idea with the potential to change your life and transform others. I am here to encourage you to follow your dreams and get that manuscript in the hand of a publisher today and if they turn you down self publish. Find an agent, find a quiet place to put the components together and make it happen. Don't forget to add a note in the book of the original date that the idea was conceived.