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Well, what will be different in O9? Everything I suspect, the way I view the world,the changes that have occurred in this country and how they affect me.  Am I angry about O8, absolutely not, I believe in God as well as Karma for those who don't. I thought that I knew a little bit but now that I have actually stepped out into the world and have done a little bit of investigation, I know that I am truly a novice at what I have chosen for a career path. It's ok though at least I can admit to that fact. It actually pivots me toward working harder to educate myself on other cultures, religions, and backgrounds and the things that I want to write about and writing itsself. There are some things though that will be more solidified such as my committment to my personal well being and that of my family and friends. I am a little more determined now that I have gotten a little older, I think I know what I want. What are my goals? Simply put to stay abreast of what is going on in the world and my neck of the woods and to make a positive effect in my everyday relationships with those I know, will meet and love. What do I need to do to make this happen? I definitely would like to know more about how this country works and what lies at the heart of the American values as it pertains to the bible. How the bible affects everyday life in the is country and why the battle rages on what is and is not permissible as far as personal rights are concerned.