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In April of this year I returned to Italy after a mere 55 year absence, visiting Venice, Florence, Sorrento, Rome, and my favorite city in the world, Pompeii--not the new city, but the old. I kept a journal of my entire journey and posted them as blogs on my website (http://www.doriengrey.com)....
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The roots of who we become as adults are first put down when we are children. Always a great believer in happily-ever-after, fairy tales, and worlds that should be but aren't, I was fascinated by Walt Disney's "Pinocchio," and I suspect I subconsciously patterned much of my life after...
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In ancient Rome, during triumphal marches through city, a slave would ride on the honoree's chariot . His job was to hold a laurel wreath over the hero’s head while whispering, “Remember, thou art but a man.”  Wise people, those Romans. Every human being—I’m sure this was true even of Roman...
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I buy a lot of chocolate-covered donuts. I buy them largely because, in the brand I buy, each one has 320 calories, and with as little as I eat, the calories are important. They come in a box of 8 large donuts and cost $3.69 a box. Lately, I’ve had some problem in finding them. Yesterday, there...
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